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Je m’excuse: Regularly scheduled programming has been interrupted while Michael is the final throes of completing his thesis. He has added me, Teresa Lo, to the roster of writers for this blog in an effort to keep you entertained. Even though I work in the securities industry, I am the furthest thing from a quant; therefore, no highbrow math is forthcoming. Instead, I hope to tickle, sometimes quite inadvertently, the substantial intellects of Mahalanobis readers with crude fodder that only a lowly technical trader of securities can provide. If you are really desperate for a laugh, I can and will provide market opinions (upon request) that are sure to trigger howls of laughter from here to eternity.

And now, here is my first post:
Male chimps prefer older matesImoso, the highest-ranking male in the Kanyawara community of Kibale National Park, Uganda, grooms Outamba, a middle-aged female. Male chimpanzees at Kanyawara consistently prefer the oldest females in their community as mating partners, suggesting that the preference that human men exhibit for youthful women is a recent evolutionary phenomenon. For more information, see the Report by Muller et al. in the November 21 Current Biology. (Credit: Photograph by Jean-Michel Krief)
Washington Post: Chimpanzees may be our closest biological relatives, but male chimps appear to differ from male humans in one striking way -- they clearly prefer older females, according to new research...Regardless of the explanation, the findings clearly show that chimps and humans have evolved differently in this important way, the researchers said.
This story got me thinking: are humans really different from chimpanzees? Or were chimps simply more evolved in this department, with humans finally catching up?

According to recent statistics, almost one-third of women between 40-69 are "cougars" dating men at least ten years younger. From Sex and the City to Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, the May-December phenomenon is flourishing everywhere. Perhaps economists can provide a working hypothesis?

For readers in Canada, the December 3 episode of Sex, Toys & Chocolate on LifeNetwork will focus on this topic.
John S. (guest) meinte am 28. Nov, 12:18:
Sorry, but this "AARP survey" doesn't pass the smell test. It may be that one third of the respondents claimed to be dating men ten years their junior, but whether the respondents are representative of the general population of single women, 40-69 is another question. Can you really believe such a statistic, based on your own experience? I can't. 
Teresa_Lo antwortete am 28. Nov, 16:25:
Of course!
I am one of those cougars... 
Teresa_Lo antwortete am 28. Nov, 17:45:
...but not on purpose. 
John S. (guest) antwortete am 28. Nov, 22:30:
Census data
Here is some 2003 U.S. census data:

Look at "AGE DIFFERENCE". These data apply to married couples of all ages -- not dating couples where the woman is between 40 and 69 -- but I can think of no reason why the distributions should be radically different.

"Wife 10 years or greater than husband" makes up 1.3% of married couples! 
Teresa_Lo antwortete am 28. Nov, 23:12:
There might be...
...any number of reasons, I guess.

For example, spouses in a first marriage might be closer in age than spouses in a second marriage. Also, dating practices of women in an older age bracket might be different: there might be fewer older men. They could be dead, for all we know! 
rock (guest) antwortete am 16. Aug, 12:43:
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MephistoS meinte am 28. Nov, 14:44:
simple explanation
I have a very short explanation why one--third of women between 40--69 are cougars. These women simply tell the younger men that they are around 80 years old. On the other hand the men hope to inherit sth sooooooooooon. 
Skela (guest) antwortete am 28. Nov, 15:36:
These women don't expect men to invest in a relationship, so they are free to pick lovers. 
Ronan (guest) meinte am 29. Nov, 11:15:

Best of luck completing your thesis. My experience with thesis/dissertation was similar to that of a roller coaster ride on a wet day. The final starges are challenging and most critical.

Prepare for the drastic anti-climax, post submission and the anticipation for what I am sure will be excellent, first class results.

Any views on the current Google market valuation? Are they worth 500 bucks!? .... 
Mahalanobis antwortete am 29. Nov, 17:04:
Muchas Gracias
I've left the "torture the data until it confesses"-stage behind me; the thesis
should be online by the middle of January. Since it's actually my third attempt at writing a thesis (I remember telling my first thesis advisor that he is dumb as a brick ;-D), I know pretty well what you mean by anti-climax. 
Teresa_Lo antwortete am 29. Nov, 20:49:
The real worth of Google
will be apparent in a few months... (sorry for being cryptic) :) 
Ronan (guest) antwortete am 29. Nov, 23:34:
Putting it that way ...
"Puttting" it that way makes it quite clear!:0) 
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