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J-Walk Blog: Seen on the MARC commuter train (between Baltimore and DC) today, this picture pretty much sums up the new "National Security":

Is this a hoax??

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The Prudent Investor meinte am 8. Jun, 01:45:
Why Soviet-USSA - this is rather fascist style
This reminds me much more of fascist propaganda. I am confident to have seen a similar cliche dating from Nazi rule. Human rights and privacy have come under the sledgehammer in the US. 
Mahalanobis meinte am 8. Jun, 03:29:
First I thought
the image would be part of the worth1000.com fun with propaganda series...

HedgeFundGuy antwortete am 8. Jun, 17:44:
The funny thing is, while such programs look and feel fascist, in general the new airport security is decidedly anti-fascist, to the point of being merely a feel-good exercise in risk management. They don't profile based on any PC minority traits, so a young arab man gets the same probability of a thorough check as an elderly lady or a pregnant woman with toddlers. If a business treated a suspiciously nervous young man who happened to be muslim, there would be a potential lawsuit, and I bet most companies would think twice. I suppose the new fascism will not to adversely impact any grouping based on age, gender, race, creed, or sexual orientation. 
pauln antwortete am 9. Jun, 19:57:
Uh, you may be right (I don't have statistics), but that's not what I see at airports. True, occasional elderly ladies get thorough checks, but it seems to me that essentially all arab-looking men do. I have an arab-looking friend who says he gets the pat-down every time. 
Mahalanobis antwortete am 9. Jun, 20:21:
"while such programs look and feel fascist...."

I always tell the people that they should'nt get a false impression of me just because I have a swastika tattoed on my forehead.

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