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{Roy Glauber}

Don't miss the hilarious interview with Theodor Hänsch.
jupe meinte am 5. Oct, 17:50:
Roy Glauber at the IgNobelPrice-Ceremony :-)
...(taken from the IgNobel-website):
For the past ten years, Roy has been a vital participant in the annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. By spontaneous tradition, the Ig audience throws paper airplanes at the stage during the entire ceremony (and the people on stage waft some of them right back). The airplanes accumulate so rapidly that it is necessary to have two people spend the entire ceremony sweeping them off. Harvard physics professor Roy Glauber has nobly, and stylishly, swept the stage for ten long years....

Seems to be a funny guy!
Link: http://improbable.typepad.com/improbable_research_whats/2005/10/sweeping_succes.html 
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