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The Economist: Robots are coming back into fashion. Worldwide sales of multipurpose, industrial robots grew by 17% in volume last year, according to a joint survey by the International Federation of Robotics and the United Nations. Japan has over 350,000 robots in operation, the world's biggest stock. But Europe is catching up. In 1994, Europe had only a third as many robots as Japan. Ten years later, it had three-quarters as many. /Source/
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Executive Summary of World Robotics 2005 (pdf)
Steve Sailer (guest) meinte am 28. Oct, 07:09:
You can see impact of illegal immigration on US
Japan has about seven times as many robots installed per capita and Germany maybe four times as many as the U.S. America prefers to have illegal immigrants do jobs robots could do. That's a shift from the historic American style of being a highly mechanized high wage economy. We shall see which is the wiser strategy. 
cb (guest) antwortete am 28. Oct, 17:49:
Where are you getting this from, Steve? I live in Texas, all the immigrants here do manual labor outside, for the most part. I'm not sure I see this choice you're referring to. They don't work in manufacturing jobs, which I assume is what robots are used for. 
Paul N (guest) antwortete am 29. Oct, 19:58:
Non-unionized manufacturing in the US is dominated by immigrants. Personally, I like illegal immigrants just fine, although I like legal ones even more. 
Kaiser (guest) antwortete am 1. Nov, 10:40:
Wrong variable and omitted observation
They should have looked at the growth rate of robots rather than absolute numbers of installations. If they have done that, they will notice that the real story is the Chinese (China and Taiwan) rather than Europe. My re-working of this data is at my site. Junk Charts 
jenefee meinte am 28. Feb, 08:34:
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