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Nature: Fractal analysis has been used to assess the authenticity of paintings purporting to be the work of Jackson Pollock. Click here to read the whole story.

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Aleks (guest) meinte am 9. Feb, 19:53:
Artist or Ape
Can you tell if a painting was done by an artist or an ape
Aleks (guest) antwortete am 9. Feb, 19:54:
The link to this quiz was stripped. Posting it again: http://reverent.org/an_artist_or_an_ape.html 
kimcil (guest) antwortete am 7. Apr, 13:00:
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radek (guest) meinte am 9. Feb, 22:51:
I got an 83% on master vs. ape (missed the first one) - even if the masterpieces aren't really masterpieces there's definetly tells in them - any painting with lines in them is likely to be have done by humans.

On masterpiece vs. author of the website I got 100%. Here you use the purpose of the website to help you. Obviosuly the author of the website thinks modern art is crap so his pieces are likely to have a parody/imitation like quality to them - i.e. they're kitsch. It's also good to think about it in the following way "how would an anti-modern art person answer these questions" and then completly reverse your answers.

On famous vs. unknown I got a 92%, missing Pisarro whom I never much cared for anyway. The 'unknowns' by Churchill and Hitler were just a bit too polished or looked like postcards one can buy in goofy tourist stores. And then you do go by "do I like it?", assume that you have good taste, which of course I do, and answer truthfully.

It ain't hard. 
radek (guest) meinte am 9. Feb, 23:44:
On the other hand I did terrible on the Dickens vs. other guy (50%) and Lenin vs. Sokal (33%). But I think that says more about the actual quality of Dickens and Lenin then my own particular tastes. Of course! 
joson meinte am 4. Nov, 03:30:
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