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WSJ Europe (print edition): Which employee is most likely to wig out in the long run: the police officer or the investment banker? Turns out Wall Streeters experience more types of stress than many other professions, including those where employees might confront a weapon. In a paper, Noushi Rahman and Irem Aktas of New York's Pace University compared results from a few dozen studies of thousands of employees in 21 occupations and found that business and finance types exhibit more "stressors" than just about ony others. Worries include poor job fit, problems with management and work/home trade-offs. Police, on the other hand, expect and often crave thrills, the authors conclude.
Ronan (guest) meinte am 21. Feb, 15:45:
Telco and Internet Employees
Mike, I guess that Telco and Internet employee that were part of the DotCom boom and bust and who are on the crest of a strong recovery might just meet those Wall Streeters. Perhaps they might even take a light snack on them on the way also :) 
abiola meinte am 21. Feb, 21:24:
What did I tell you? Investment banking is a great way to look 65 at the age of 35. 
Ronan (guest) antwortete am 22. Feb, 11:00:
Yes, the irony is that while some look 65 (the retirement age in many countries) the reality is that many investment bankers have amassed enough to retire in their newly found coffee, cocaine and nicotine aged, crocodile like skins. 
aaaa (guest) antwortete am 14. Apr, 17:19:
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oliviajane meinte am 9. Feb, 11:09:
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