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humreglobeandmail.com: Piers Steel, a business professor at the University of Calgary, says he has come up with a mathematical formula for hiring the perfect worker, a complex three-step mix of coefficients and matrices that can do a better job of filling jobs than the most seasoned interviewer.

The result, Mr. Steel claims, is a hiring decision based on science -- superior to the alchemy-like approach of today's HR world. "They're little better than a Magic 8-Ball," he said, referring to the venerable toy that, when shaken, displays a random answer to a questioner.

The latest claim of a scientific method to hiring and job design has a long, and mostly inglorious history, stretching back to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Adam Smith, with his theory of specialization among pin makers, was one of the first. Henry Ford, with his innovations in industrial assembly lines, was another. And the entire school of scientific management, with its emphasis on time-and-motion studies and proper procedures, is part of the story as well. Mr. Steel doesn't shy away from those comparisons [Source]. Click here to to read the whole story.

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