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duerer_vhBBC: The Pope may be about to abolish the notion of limbo, the halfway house between heaven and hell, inhabited by unbaptised infants. Is it really that simple? Click here to read the whole story.

Best sentence: [T]here is the argument that if this can be abolished, what else is disposable?

Nietzsche's take: Once did people say God, when they looked out upon distant seas; now, however, have I taught you to say, Übermensch.
God is a conjecture: but I do not wish your conjecturing to reach beyond your creating will.
Could ye create a God?--Then, I pray you, be silent about all Gods! But ye could well create the Übermensch. [more]
Graffito (guest) meinte am 8. Oct, 20:22:
When Nietzsche asks, "Could ye create a God?" he seems to be assuming the answer is no. Where do the Gods come from then, if they are not created by men? 
beepbeepitsme (guest) meinte am 9. Oct, 06:59:
RE: limbo
Let me qualify my comments by saying I am not a god believer. But I do feel terribly sorry for the grief and sadness the concept of limbo has caused catholic women for hundreds of years. Believing that their little loved one would NEVER be able to get to heaven must have been a psychological torment.

And now for the catholic church to say that the concept of limbo has served its purpose and they are going to abolish it, smacks of a policy of deliberate psychological and emotional abuse.

It is no comfort to those thousands or perhaps millions of women who are now dead, whose babies died before they were baptised. They spent their lives in agony believing their babies were lost to god. What a terrible thing to do to believers. 
Mahalanobis antwortete am 9. Oct, 14:18:
to the stuff one can find in the "old testament", limbo is more or less a fun park. I believe in the flying spaghetti monster, so I don't feel sorry for people who believe in something else.

Maybe the catholic church now targets people who live in countries with high infant mortality rates. Or maybe they just want to cut costs (Would be interesting to know whether they use IAS, US GAAP, or something completely different). 
Anonymous (guest) meinte am 9. Oct, 10:58:
Some things:

1. The existence and nature of limbo never was an oficial claim of the Catholic Church.
2. It was and hipothesis beginning V century, with S. Agustin, and so on.
3. Now we continue, from the Second Vatican Council with the theological study about it.
4. So...... nothing new....only gossip (like ever) about the Church. 
llopesa meinte am 6. Dec, 06:59:
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