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by Rick Mabry
Mathematics Magazine, Vol. 72, No. 1. (Feb., 1999), p. 63.
John B. Chilton (guest) meinte am 14. Oct, 16:42:
Those are suitable for framing. 
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mike ward (guest) meinte am 17. Oct, 04:28:
yes, but...
pictures are a great way to to get develop intuition about problems (think venn diagrams and probability), but they are not proofs! 
Mahalanobis antwortete am 17. Oct, 18:02:
way back in ye old days.. ;-D 
Alina (guest) antwortete am 17. Oct, 20:24:
try reading The Infinite in the Finite, by Alistair Macintosh Wilson. it is full of these typrs of proofs... which only prove that nature is consistent :) my view 
bennyp (guest) antwortete am 5. Nov, 18:40:
Why not?
Why aren't pictures proofs? 
kimcil (guest) antwortete am 7. Apr, 11:16:
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Conrad (guest) meinte am 17. Oct, 22:33:
seen this before?
I have seen both of these diagrams in relation to Platonic/Pythagorean mathematical statements, albeit phrased in now-opaque Greek geometric terms. Don't remember exact sources, though; perhaps Robert Brumbaugh would have the answers. 
Alex M Thomas (guest) meinte am 18. Oct, 09:33:
Great proofs!

Thinking out of boxed mathematics! :) 
Jane (guest) antwortete am 19. Oct, 15:31:
There is a book full of things like this, including several pictorial proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem. It is called "Proofs without Words" and I recommend it. 
Peter de Blanc (guest) meinte am 18. Dec, 06:08:
Marcello Herreshoff, Nick Hay, and I once had to divide a square pizza between the three of us. We didn't think we could tell visually how much a third is, so we cut it as in diagram 2. 
Ken (guest) antwortete am 24. Mar, 16:22:
And long after the sun burned out, you're still busy cutting. 
begedir antwortete am 14. Jun, 07:33:
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