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The so-called "Chess World Championship" in Lybia is over. The winner of the "blunder festival" (referring to GM Nigel Short's interview on chessbase) is Rustam Kasimdzhanov. He beat English player Michael Adams in the tiebreaks 1.5:0.5 after a tie in the six-game-match-up. Adams missed a couple of opportunities to win the title, especially in the first tiebreak game.

According to the Prag Agreement, Kasimdzhanov should now play Gary Kasparov and the winner of this match-up will face the winner of the Leko- Kramnik match-up.
However, so far only the Leko- Kramnik semi- final has been scheduled.

Looking at statistics Kasimdzhanov will have a hard time facing Kasparov....For further details check www.chesslive.de
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