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Wow, HedgeFundGuy is a tough act to follow: best to consider this entry as an amusing, human-interest piece, I think. ;-)

New Year's Eve in Vienna: Michael and Teresa Lots of exciting things have gone on since I wrote Home for the Holidays. In fact, this is my tenth day in Vienna, hanging out with Michael.

The more I travel, the smaller the world seems. Sure, Vienna is not Vancouver. And Vancouver isn't Hong Kong. And Hong Kong is not New York. Yet all these places have so many things in common that they could almost be parallel cities.

While I (still) don't speak a word of German (Yes, HedgeFundGuy predicted this: my German goes nowhere while Michael's English becomes perfect!) I am now into the swing of things, partaking in formerly verboten activities such as drinking coffee, wine and beer on the same day, eating striezel for breakfast, inhaling "heavy" food that can give the top Chinese BBQ restaurants a run for their money when it comes to roast pig, walking, and most of all, going to bed at the time when I used to get up. I could get used to this. In fact, I can't even imagine going back to my former life. Maybe that old cliche is really true: home is where the heart is.

Today, we went for a walk in the neighbourhood that turned into a four-hour sortie. On our end, it's residential, nice and tidy. 90-minutes later, we came upon an alley with a makeshift market three blocks long, just like the ones you find on the sidestreets off Central in Hong Kong. Or it might have been like Canal Street in NYC. What was striking is the fact that in all three places, ethnicity and affluence seems closely tied: the people without money on far end of the street have nothing in common with the ones with lots of it on this end of the street.

Of course, there are good things that defy geography and race: love and kindness is the same no matter what language we speak or what color we are. Mothers are the same all over the planet: ha ha.

The picture above is of us on New Year's Eve in the first district. By midnight it was total chaos, with firecrackers blowing everywhere, exciting and dangerous at the same time. What a feeling of being ALIVE!

Notches on the bedpost I'm hoping to explore this great city a lot more, but I have some work to do while Michael completes his thesis over the next week or so. Happy New Year and may 2007 be the best one ever!

I found a mysterious piece of paper (diagram to your right) today. As we all know, guys are notorious for being tight-lipped around women, especially when it comes to what they are thinking. They do not wax poetic; they are also economical with words. And when the guy happens to be a math whiz, well, you know the drill: he keeps score. But when the math whiz is also an econometrician, strange notations appear as part of the analysis...
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