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hfmEuromoney: Peter Epstein has worked out what the hedge fund manager has missing in his/her life. "It's not a bigger jet or a rarer Picasso," he says, but a T-Shirt printed with the slogan "Fuck me, I’m a hedge fund manager."

The T-shirt is part of Epstein's debut design collection, entitled American Exceptionalism. "From obnoxious hedge fund managers to strippers 'working their way through college' the collection casts a gimlet eye on the rarely applauded--but relentlessly American--people and values that keep our nation humming," says Epstein. "Hedge fund managers are a piece of Americana. And the design is playing on that 'master of universe' attitude and sense of entitlement that the hedge fund manager has," jokes Epstein. He says the initial stock sold out in just two days. [Source]
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Is the other meaning unintentional?
When I first saw this I got a good chuckle. Now that I see it again I have a different thought.

My fund manager friends regularly note the constant fear of fund failure, dangling over their heads by a single horsehair.

Do you think Epstein was thinking of John Meriwether when he came up with this shirt? 
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