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drivingfrenchChicago, IL: After 15 years of sharing the credit for groundbreaking research with Ken French, Eugene Fama is on a mission to expose his former colleague, and himself. The result is an alarming behind-the-scenes look at how academic careers are made and broken.

"I hired Ken French in 1990 when he was a driving instructor in Winnetka. Chicago was pressuring me to partner with another researcher; I couldn't stand the idea so I hired a stooge. The man has never contributed a single idea to my research, and yet his name is constantly mentioned in the same breath as mine."

Many of French's students are not suprised. Click here to read the whole thing.
gribeco (guest) meinte am 1. Apr, 04:18:
this changes everything!
Welll... Debreu was French... French is a stooge... OMG! Debreu never wrote anything! Arrow always was the brains behind general equilibrium!

kimcil (guest) antwortete am 7. Apr, 11:34:
know that the preflash should serve as a red-eye-reduction-tool... *turns red*. One day I will learn how to remove red-eyes with photoshop. There are lots of tutorials on the web but none of them suggests certain colour settings. My edited eyes always look so "plastic".
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Caravaggio (guest) meinte am 2. Apr, 02:35:
April fool
Surely an April fool, but this was written on Mar 31st ... now I am confused. 
Julian (guest) meinte am 3. Apr, 11:51:
It has been sometime I haven't laughed so much. Thank you for posting it. 
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