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dadbabyThe picture to the right is me w/ baby (I'm shielded, though it seems everyone--Lord Voldemort, Telluride Asset Management--who wants to sue me already knows my real identity). My wife had a baby today, which implies with high probability that I had a baby today too. I blame this completely on Bryan Caplan, who noted that people tend to overestimate the costs of kids when they can make them because that is precisely the time they are bearing most of the costs (childrearing toddlers). In contrast, spunky breeders underestimate the long-run benefits of progeny precisely because most of them occur well after childbearing is an option, such as creating people who will give a crap about you in 50 years. I then mindlessly applied the implication and here we are.

I already have two boys, ages 6 and 7. They are at times very boring (Ever play Candyland? Ever play tennis with a 6 year old?), but increasingly very, very funny. For example, my younger son says we are going to pretend to battle: "I'm George Washington, you are the Cat-in-the-Hat"--that observation has made me smile for a week. My older son and I enjoy the same subtleties of cartoons such as Adult Swim, and there's nothing more fun than laughing at something with someone.

But I've read and experienced that girls are much better at keeping up with their folks as they get older than than boys, so I figure one more girl, to call and say hi to her demented pop in 50 years, is good insurance. As Steven Pinker says, the main reason you should be nice to your kids because you want them to like you when they grow up. I take that as good advice. I have great advice too, though mainly as to how to be a better me, and as it is unlikely they have my inclinations, I should merely give them good general guidance (take statistics!), let them choose their paths, and hope they want to laugh with their old dad when they are middle aged.
Mahalanobis meinte am 25. May, 10:16:
I'm sure you use a dummy for gender, so when does the contol group arrive? BTW, my colleagues also keep telling me that playing Candyland is boring... why? 
HedgeFundGuy antwortete am 25. May, 15:53:
Candyland belongs to that group of children's games (e.g. the card game 'war') where there is no choice, just randomness. You roll the dice, and there you go. I guess some people don't grow out of it, and so play slots or the lottery. 
kimcil (guest) antwortete am 7. Apr, 11:30:
know that the preflash should serve as a red-eye-reduction-tool... *turns red*. One day I will learn how to remove red-eyes with photoshop. There are lots of tutorials on the web but none of them suggests certain colour settings. My edited eyes always look so "plastic".
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begedir antwortete am 3. May, 17:05:
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kim (guest) antwortete am 9. Sep, 13:43:
I like the way you described the topic with such clarity. This is something I have been thinking about for a long time and you really captured the essence of the subject.
Steve (guest) meinte am 25. May, 13:31:
May I ask which hedge fund you are running?
is the fund still open?

Congratulations. 2 is enough for me 
HedgeFundGuy antwortete am 25. May, 15:54:
The first rule of fight club, is to never talk about fight club :) 
Steve (guest) antwortete am 25. May, 20:17:
So do you have a hedge fund? Or just not talk about it ;->) 
Steve Sailer (guest) meinte am 25. May, 21:06:
Paul N (guest) meinte am 27. May, 02:32:
Congrats! That is awesome. In all seriousness, I think smart people are doing a favor for the world whenever they have another baby, because they contribute more than they "cost", in whatever metric you want - e.g. their average "carbon footprint" is negative because, on average, they solve problems like that.

I have seen so many brilliant colleagues focus on their career at the expense of having children ("I'll think about kids once I get tenure...at 38 yrs old"). I've found having a kid to be very fulfilling and fun, it's cool to see how the mind works by watching every little developmental step they take, and in some way you can take joy in things that have become mundane when you get to explain how they work to someone seeing them for the first time. Also, having someone who resembles you in certain ways takes some of that certain loneliness ("there's no one like me out there") out of life. Pinker and Harris have helped give me the right attitude about it: don't stress about how to parent, just enjoy it. 
Bryan Caplan (guest) meinte am 27. May, 16:34:
Your Little Blogger
Congratulations on your little blogger, and thanks for fulfilling my dream of causing people to exist with my words alone. :-) 
jaim klein (guest) meinte am 28. May, 18:45:
and as we say in this Land of Milk and Honey, Mazal Tov ! 
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