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kaspyAfter the world's best chess player Garry Kasparov (number one according to FIDE ranking) has lost to the machine Deep Blue in 1997 many journals reported that a new era has begun. When Mr. Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik (current World Champion) could only secure a draw against the strongest chess program Fritz in November 2002 and November 2003, respectively, the evidence became more clear. The onslaught by computer programs at the Man vs Machine World Team Championship in October 2004 was again indicating the upcoming supremacy of the machines. But like in the Asterix comic book edited by Gosciny and Uderzo where the Romans (chess engines) have conquered Europe (the chess world) except one village there is a similar story to tell in chess!

Computers nowadays defeat the strongest chess masters except Eduard Nemeth. He constantly "beats up" chess programs while not even being among the best 100 chess players in the world. While journalists of reknown magazines publicly philosophize about whether machines outsmart humans and argue about the state of artificial intellligence Mr. Nemeth proofs why computer programs cannot be considered intelligent yet. Artificial intelligence can be tested through a procedure that was proposed by Mr. Turing. In this test engines are examined if they make human like (or even better) moves.

On the following websites you will find interesting stuff on this issue:

Here [DE] Eduard Nemeth explains how he manages to constantly defend the honor of humanity. Here you watch a few games played by Eduard Nemeth. Tim Crabbé explains on his website the style of Mr. Nemeth in English.

Besides Mr. Nemeth there are still a couple of people around who resist the computer supremacy by concentrating on the non-human weaknesses of the chess engines. At least, it seems that the Romans are not yet close to get the magic potion that gives Asterix and his friends the power to defeat 'em.
MephistoS meinte am 19. Jan, 21:03:
P600 48 Mb :D
Congrats Mr Nemeth but Kasparov and Kramnik played against specially prepared chess programs which were running on much faster comps.
Moreover Kramnik beat the engine twice, lost twice but only after blunders (inferior moves caused mainly by tiredness.) Kasparov beat his computer opponent once, lost one game badly after a horrible blunder and drew two other games.
To sum it up the best human chess player still have the much better chess understanding but facing an engine is psychologically difficult. 
stxx antwortete am 19. Jan, 23:49:
There is a difference between reaching draws and a convincing win.

"The chess engine won against Kramnik two games and lost two games but only after blunders. Playing Kasparov the chess engine could win once after his opponent has blundered but lost once due to a wrong evaluation of the position. It is psychologically hard for the chess engine to face the best human opponents."

However, in January 2005 mankind got trashed again (This time two Grandmasters from Indonesia and two FIDE Masters). You might agree that the 14.5:1.5 final score (mankind has not won a single game) is not totally based on psychology. 
HedgeFundGuy antwortete am 20. Jan, 15:44:
I like the fact that a 2100 ranked guy was smart enough to change his strategy when facing the computer, while the much better Kasparov treated it like a human. Mr Nemeth, in this instance, was a much better strategist than Kasparov. Congrats! 
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