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goedelThe New York Times: Is there a more powerful modern Trinity? These reigning deities proclaim humanity's inability to thoroughly explain the world. They have been the touchstones of modernity, their presence an unwelcome burden at first, and later, in the name of postmodernism, welcome company.

Their rule has also been affirmed by their once-sworn enemy: science. Three major discoveries in the 20th century even took on their names. Albert Einstein's famous Theory (Relativity), Kurt Gödel's famous Theorem (Incompleteness) and Werner Heisenberg's famous Principle (Uncertainty) declared that, henceforth, even science would be postmodern.

Or so it has seemed. But as Rebecca Goldstein points out in her elegant new book, "Incompleteness: The Proof and Paradox of Kurt Gödel", of these three figures, only Heisenberg might have agreed with this characterization. Continue.

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HedgeFundGuy meinte am 15. Feb, 21:48:
He looks very smart. But did he do anything after his Incompleteness paper? 
abiola antwortete am 15. Feb, 22:17:
One just has to be familiar with the logic and set theory literature to realize it. One other major accomplishment of Gödel's was his proof of the independence of the continuum hypothesis from ZFC - see here for more. 
HedgeFundGuy antwortete am 15. Feb, 22:36:
I always liked this anecdote
"While studying for his U. S. citizenship examination in 1948, he became convinced he had found an inconsistency in the Constitution. (Fortunately, this did not disrupt Gödel's citizenship interview, as the judge brushed aside the point when Gödel tried to bring it up.)" 
Pervez74 meinte am 16. May, 06:20:
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