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I'm sure Mark Faber likes this chart:

You could also plot the SPX in EUR since 2000 and then refer to the Arcsine Distribution. Even more scarry!
Arthur (guest) meinte am 29. Dec, 15:05:
looking for the code
Hi Michael,
I was wondering if it was possible to get a copy of the R code you use ?
I tried with
z1=get.hist.quote(instrument = "EUR/USD", provider = "oanda",
start = Sys.Date() - 500)
etc (for the exchange rate)
unfortunatley, the range is not the one you use: I cannot get any observations in the beginning of the 90's (and nothing in the 80's). Or maybe could it be possible to get a copy of you dataset ?
actually, I would like to get an estimate of the correlation you have between your two series (and see if we can get a higher correlation)
best regards,
Arthur (arthur.charpentier@univ-rennes1.fr) 
Aarons meinte am 3. Dec, 09:51:
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