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Slashdot: "Reuters is reporting that Sony has been granted 2 patents, both describing 'Method and system for generating sensory data onto the human neural cortex'. These are patents 6,729,337 and 6,536,440. The patents go on to 'describe a technique for aiming ultrasonic pulses at specific areas of the brain to induce sensory experiences such as smells, sounds and images'. The story was first broken by New Scientist magazine."

Hannibal @ Ars Technica writes:

Sony hasn't yet built a device that works based on the ideas presented in the patent, so this is all theoretical. In fact, according to the New Scientist, Sony hasn't even conducted any experiments to see if this works. <> At any rate, I expect that the budget for an a game that takes advantage of this technology, smells and all, will be more than the GDP of a decent-sized country. I'm sure at least one game company that I can think of will start taking preorders for such a game sometime next year.
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