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More Fun: James Hamilton links to a couple of creative exam answers. Speaking of creative exam answers: Did you know that the famous "Is hell exothermic or endothermic" exam question is an urban legend? See here. What's true: The British Department of Education has realised that there is a slight difference between private schools and comprehensives and therefore has revised the secondary maths exam papers accordingly (pdf).


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Bush Pilot {Audio in German}
Bush Pilot {with English subtitles}

via Richard Stastny

When recently discussing with some South Tyrolean friends of mine (Livecam St. Ulrich) the NAEP Science Results we reached the conclusion that students aren't punished enough for bad grades. Therefore, we propose that students should be put in a situation as given below:
Under the constraint that walking is prohibited, the only way of getting safely from point A to point B is to jump in the right direction, namely towards point c. That way, only students with a basic knowledge of science succeed.

Here m_st (wmv, 536 KB) is a short video clip of my glorious flight! Mille Grazie a Eva G.!

In case you missed it (oops): Parody video about Glenn Hubbard, Dean of Columbia's Business School, who some thought might have been chosen instead of Ben Bernanke:

Apparently Hubbard thought it was hilarious.

via Patri Friedman

via Robert S. Schwartz

The Register: There was a time when Microsoft ads were a bit more entertaining than the current "dinosaur head" offerings which have of late been baffling adults and scaring small children worldwide.

The proof comes in this hitherto-unseen-in-the-civilised-world shocker for MS Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003:ms_origFantastic. For the record, an MS operative confirmed this morning that this is "an old advertisement which ran only in New Zealand for a short period and is no longer being used". For the love of all that's Holy, why not?

Let's face it, this is the only advertising campaign ever to give Linux programmers the vaguest hope that they might one day have sex with a real woman. Old school? You bet. Bring it on... ® [Source]

coworkersPRNewswire: Are your co-workers unprofessional, obnoxious and in general driving you bananas? You're not alone. Fifty-three percent of workers say they feel like they work with a bunch of monkeys. This is according to CareerBuilder.com's recent "Monkey Business" survey of more than 2,050 workers across the country. Click here to read the whole story.

Two doctoral students in Switzerland are running an online test [EN, DE] to see whether people can spot the difference between true stock prices and a random walk.

via Marginal Revolution

Addendum: Both doctoral students are present in the comments section.